Team 11 - Robot Reveal 2014

Reveal Video

Team 11 proudly presents our 2014 robot: Tempest

Robot Specs:
-Eight Wheel Drive with 4" by 2" Treaded Colsons
-West Coast Chassis
-6 CIMS 2-Speed (15.5fps/6fps)
-Sorbothane Dual-Roller Intake
-Two-Position Variable Shot:
-Long distance 9-18ft shot
-Lay up/Truss shot
-Designed to catch easily
-Two-Ball Autonomous

Tempest will be competing at Mt. Olive, Springside-Chestnut Hill, and Hawaii

Nice robot 11! Lovin all the black and yellow! :slight_smile:

That powder coating. :slight_smile: I really like this robot!

That’s a really cool design, also how’s its accuracy

We’re sinking every shot in the scoring zone except for right in the goalie zone.

Can’t wait to play with you guys again at SCHA. :slight_smile:

Looks great! Looking forward to seeing it in action at SCH

Is it just me, or would a skull-shaped camera look way too cool?

That thought crossed my mind as well!

Great looking robot!:slight_smile:

Haha, maybe the kids can 3D print a skull shaped case for the camera :slight_smile:

Yeah, with the 3D printer back up and running, we will work on it as soon as possible. :wink:

Love it. Epic music too!

You don’t get robot audio in the video, but the sound of the catapult winding up is absolutely terrifying.

So awesome, looks like 11 is in for another great year after their awesome 2013 campaign.

I’m trying to figure out how you get variability in your shot, care to share?

We have a hard stop mechanism actuated by pistons that stops the arm before reaching its full speed.
At 1:45, you can see the white pieces near the pivot axle at action.

More like 1:38. That allows us to make the truss lob and layup shots shown right after the shift.

Great Job!..But, something tells me that “Tempest” will not fit in a teapot.

Good Luck!

I was re-watching the video and only now just noticed the other robot cameo in the video.

A sneak peek of Beta? :slight_smile:

Think of it as an unofficial, not so intentional teaser :wink:

I think the song is awesome as well. Just realized that the name of the song is “Black Sun”. Very clever MORT, very clever indeed.

Can’t wait to see this beast compete in person!