Team 1100 - New Season Has Begun

We’ve got almost 80 members this year, a new record for Team 1100!

Our first event is Rhode Island and I’m excited to go and hopefully move past the semifinals round and defend our chairmans title!

In this post, you’re gonna see replies from new and old members with things they’re excited about!

  • Manisha Rajagoopta
    Co-Captain 2014-2015

are excited for robots

Hi this is Liz.

Chris Seto
Ab-Clan-D :smiley:
GO TEAM 1100


this is Liz

hi I like photos

Thomas has exitement over the topic of everything. :smiley: :ahh: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Yo I’m super excited for the new RobotRio.
Eddie Pynetree

I have more EXCITEMENT then Thomas!!!

:deadhorse: :confused: :] :ahh: :cool: Yep.

I am excited for all of the fantastic fun!!! I am really super excited to see what this year’s game strategy is gonna look like!!!
:deadhorse: <------ hopefully not like that though…


I have a personal vendetta against team 0011 and it’s captain wunderrlarnerr.

Have a day.



( ‘-’)Q___o__|______Q(’-’ )

  • Sven


Gold Stars!!!:yikes:

No matter how high you are, you must remember your roots and aim higher.

Lets go 1100.


Looking forward to build season, go 1100!


I’m saucy consuela and I like Cuban black beans, Skins, and most of all robots.

You’re friendly neighborhood spiderman,

If you ever need help with anything, just pm me! :]

I’m looking forward to finding out what this years competition will be.

I miss one meeting and all of a sudden everyone is on Chief Delphi - no complaints here, it prompted me to finally get an account instead of just checking CD periodically to read others’ posts.
This year, I am excited to see team work make the dream work! Actually though, I think we have a great year ahead of us with a lot of opportunities to succeed. I’m ready to win a District event!

Go T-Hawks!

  • Jessie