Team 1102 - 2017 Palmetto Regional Highlights

1102’s Palmetto Regional Highlight Reel of our robot named, Black Magic.

Thanks to our generous sponsors:

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, Aiken County Public Schools, Aiken High School, MealViewer, Crane Merchandising Systems, Clyde and Murph Ward, Dennis and Sandra Terry.

Hopefully we can compete in some off-season events and raise the funds needed to continue to compete in FRC next season. I worked with the team fairly lightly this season, and was mainly a helping hand in the shooter design, and some software development.

Great highlight reel!

It sucks you’re not going to any more regionals this season. Your team had a very solid robot.

I really wish SC would/could move to districts so more teams could attend multiple events with a smaller total price tag. Transportation costs alone are debilitating to many teams, not to mention paying so much more for registration.

Yeah I was dissatisfied with how our season ended, I’m potentially taking a larger role in running 1102 in the coming year and my philosophy is that 2 competitions are a minimum requirement. I’ll do whatever fundraising it takes.

I agree with you about the district system. Since Aiken is very close to the GA border last year I worked with a GA district team and really enjoyed the experience. Now we just have to find a way to make our voices heard and to do the work required to make districts happen here in South Carolina. I’ve spoken with Frank and Jack Moore about my interest in joining the SC FRC planning organizations to try and have a louder voice about this and to help out however I can.

I needed to edit our video again so the original link is no longer correct.