Team 1102 M'Aiken Magic - 2019

We would like to present our 2019 robot…Discovery

Our students worked pretty hard this offseason to up our game learning solidworks and more advanced programming skills.

We have a lot to improve and were looking forward to competing this season.

Week 1 PCH Gainesville
Week 4 PCH Columbus
Week 6 PCH Championship*
Houston Championship*

*If we qualify and raise the needed funds.


Solid bot! Also nice new logo, hope to see you at champs!

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Very solid design. I’m curious to learn what you guys are powering your arm rotation with (motor and reduction).

We use a AM Redline 755a into a 3 stage VP geared to 150:1 and then a final sprocket & chain reduction of 3:1. Final reduction 450:1. It requires 1.5V to hold position with a game piece.

The arm is very light weight which makes control pretty straightforward.

I love it love it love it! We also decided to go with the backwards flipping design (we have very similar looking intake arms) and are loving the flexibility. You guys look smooth and quick. Wish I could see it in person to compare implementations. Best of luck!

Thanks, we will post CAD later this season so that even if you don’t get a chance to see it in person you can see how we implemented things.

Wanted to post this here in case people are interested… we have had and will continue to have our software completely open to the community. Not only to help others, but also because we have over the years received a lot of help from other teams on CD as well.

Really love this robot design. Good luck to you this year!

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Here is the TBA page for our team…Day 2 (Match 59+) is when we really had all of our issues sorted out and played to the best that we could. We were getting 9-11 game pieces scored solo and our L3 climb worked correctly in every match except 1.

We are looking forward to improving significantly before our next event.

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