Team 1102 M'Aiken Magic
Please any comments would be greatly appreciated!

I took a quick glance at it and it looks really good. except the one photo in the sliding show(Its disformed) other than that its really good but watch out on the colors cause some things will get lost within the colors

Several things to note:

  1. Check your validation. On the main page, if I were to click on your W3C validation (which I did) it shows 13 XHTML errors and 16 CSS errors.

  2. On the “New Members” page the “about us” context menu is lost behind the Morgan Freeman video.

  3. On the sponsors page there are several distorted logos for your multiple sponsors.

That’s all I found. Best of luck for the Website Award! Your site look very neat and professional. Hope this helps!

Yeah, it’s a pretty awesome webpage… I just wish it all the pages were as beautiful as the home.

  • Remove div#body { text-shadow: white 1px 1px; } from your CSS. It’s unnecessary because you have a white background, but it can hurt performance (marginally) and makes selected text difficult to read.
  • Either improve your site to where it does validate, or remove the W3C icons.
  • A number of sponsor graphics are stretched, the ACCC is almost unreadable
  • More info about your robots would be nice
  • It wasn’t clear that “About Us” is an actual link as well as a menu ‘category’. The similar “FTC Teams” link goes to an empty page, so the navigation is sort of inconsistent.
  • I would personally lose the text effects on the header logo, and make it the same bright green as the “Subscribe for Updates” text. The beveling makes it look a little blurry almost, and is in contrast with the rest of the site’s clean design.