Team 1114 2018 Code Release (Java)

Hey everyone! Below is a link to a repository containing the code for Team 1114’s 2018 robot, Simbot Smokescreen. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


Looks great! I like your point-based driving system. Year after year, Simboticss puts out Command-Based code written exactly as it is intended to be written. It looks very nice. Good job.

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What’s up with the dashboard code? Pretty much everything is prefixed with a number

In 2017 we copied the smartdashboard code and added tab functionality to it. The numbers at the start would dictate which tabs that value would show up on. We were looking to switch to shuffleboard since it already has tabs but during the 2018 season we had issues getting a camera feed showing and performance issues so eventually we just defaulted back to the old dashboard.

Neat! Shuffleboard’s more stable this year and you can even add stuff to tabs from robot code now, I suggest you try it out after kickoff

Yeah we really liked how it looked and are planning on trying it out again for 2019.

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