Team 1114 on Degrassi

This summer Team 1114 had the opportunity to form a new and exciting sponsorship with the popular teen drama “Degrassi: The Next Generation”. Degrassi is the most popular Canadian show among teenagers, with literally millions of people tuning in each week around the world.

The latest season of Degrassi premiered Sunday night in Canada, and if you watched the opening credits carefully, you would have seen Team 1114’s 2006-2007 World Champion VEX robot prominently featured. (The 0:21 mark, if you’re that lazy.)

This episode can be seen this upcoming Friday night in the US, on “the N” network.

There’ll be more of Team 1114 on Degrassi’s upcoming episodes. I can’t say too much, but in February expect to see a lot of Team 1114 (FRC and VEX, as well as students) featured prominently in an ongoing storyline. It should be an awesome way to expose robotics and FIRST to millions of teens across the world!

As the major episodes get closer, I’ll post more details and air times. Until then, tune in to Degrassi each week and who knows what you might see.

Wow, thats pretty cool.

Congrats 1114! As I’ve told you before this is a huge accomplishment. To my knowledge this will be the most publicity a single FIRST team has ever received. I look forward to seeing how your robots are incorporated into the episodes.

Amazing what a simple high school robotics team can accomplish when they work hard for something.

Keep it up 1114 and don’t ever stop doing what you do. This is a huge deal for FIRST. Congratulations.

Congrats, way to work hard.

I’ll admit watching even the opening credits of that show made me cringe… tee…n… dra…ma…TV… NOoooooo errrrr…

But as you say, this is great publicity for FIRST. Great job!

I presume no robots were harmed in the filming of this project?

I had such an addiction to Degrassi, and I was so ready to give it up this season (since all the original cast is now “college students”). But I think I will give it another shot just to see 1114!

Congratulations on such an awesome accomplishment!

How did you manage to get involved with this anyway?

That’s awesome. This a great way for people to see robotics and hopefully get more involvement. This is an awesome accomplishment and is so fun. Great work. :slight_smile:

wow even though i hate those type of shows good job

I’ve always been the one to cringe when my sisters flip on the channel to watch degrassi, but now I think I may just join them.
I like how robotics can get me to do things from machining to watching cheesy teen shows… :rolleyes:
I’m sure 1114 had tons of fun filiming, and I can’t wait to see more!

Amazing what you can do and STILL be 100% taxpayer supported!! No need to be a fancy prep school or to have a high school scandal to gain national attention!

Oh, if ONLY it had been Corner Gas…

Great job 1114!


Is that what Degrassi is about? I’ve never really watched this show before.

And good job on landing the airtime! This is definately a huge step in publicizing FIRST to the world.

uh oh, looks like the vex bot has sparks flying out of it; hope you had insurance =P.

Grats on getting national coverage =)

Ongoing plot line during build season? Maybe, six episodes long?

wow! That is sooo awesome. I’m gonna start watching Degrassi now!

Nice job 1114! That’s an absolutely amazing accomplishment.

Seconded! Is season 5 out on dvd yet? My family buys the dvd sets to see it down here in the states (or at least, in NJ).


Fantastic job. This is a terrific way to get the word out. Looking forward to a little Simbot- Degrassi action! I know the show is very popular and deals with a number of real life teen issues.