Team 1114 on Discovery Channel

Since before the Championship Event, Team 1114 had the opportunity to be profiled by Discovery Channel Canada. The documented the lead up to and our performance in St. Louis. Here’s the segment that aired last night:

There’s a preview at the start, and the main segment starts about 6:20 into the video. All in all, I think this was a pretty good portrayal of some of what goes on with a FIRST team. Thanks to Discovery for taking the time to make this piece possible. My only regrets are that there was no recognition for our partners (2056 & 4334 and opponents (2826, 67 & 4134) in those epic Archimedes finals matches, as well as the lack of a focus on the Chairman’s Award. Regardless, it was an amazing story, and a great way to further spread the word about FIRST and Competition Robotics.

Very nice documentary. Go 1114! Go FIRST!

This is a nice piece. Congrats to 1114 and thanks to Discovery for making it happen!

Nice job @Karthik/1114 and @DiscoveryChannel.

I agree 2056/4334, 2826/67/4134 could have been highlighted better, and the CCA win could have been portrayed in a bigger way, but to condense the 1114 season into 5 minutes or less, they did a pretty good job.

It IS probably best that they completely omitted Einstein altogether, though the way they did so gives the illusion that 1114/2056/4334 won the Championship.

Very nice, Simbots!
Thank you for sharing this.

I just finished watching it and it was an awesome video about your team’s hard work. It is an inspiring clip for all (future and existing) FIRST Robotics teams. Congratulations to team #1114 for another great season.:smiley:

That was definitely awesome. A good tribute to Simbotics. You had an amazing season, culminating in yet another division championship, and more importantly, initiation into the Hall of Fame you earned long ago.

(P.S. Where does one get a custom speed sign for one’s room?)

That was a great piece on the team. Team 1114 being on the Discover Channel is awesome, and probably one of the best teams to be featured. I did find that the lack of coverage on the Chairman’s effort to be a bit odd, considering it is the most prestigious award, but it does make sense since most outside of FIRST see the robots as the biggest inspiration~

Very nice. This might be some of the best media coverage of FIRST I have seen, they actually did a pretty good job of describing the way it works. We had a few local news agencies come in and do some stories on us, and they horribly butchered it. It’s actually quite funny.
(Anybody who is familiar with our Rebound Rumble robot know’s there is absolutely no way we could sink a basket from the NBA 3-point line).

Great story Simbots, I can think of no better FIRST team to be on Discovery.

It’s alright, a couple more CIMs and some optimism could go a long way…

Did anyone capture and extract the section of interest from this webcast?

Great Job! It was fun to watch!

Great video, Karthik! You guys had an outstanding season, congrats on winning Chairman’s! Now on to IRI, I assume…

Is there anything more amazing than seeing a girl with a welding torch? :smiley:

Excellent video by Discovery. A shame that they couldn’t show more, but it still looks mighty impressive from the casual observer. Congrats Simbots on your entire season - well deserved and well earned.