Team 1114 - Recruiting Mentors for 2019 and beyond

Team 1114 is looking for a few experienced FRC alumni/mentors to join our team. Our mentor base has shrunk over the past few years, especially on the design side. As such we’re looking to add some new mentors improve our ability to give our students the same type of experience Simbot students have gotten in the past.

We’re looking particularly for mentors with skills in the following areas:

  • Design
  • CAD
  • Manufacturing
  • Prototyping
  • Graphic design and media
  • Other skills you think might be useful to our team


  • Must have a sense of humor
  • Must share in the goals of the established culture of Team 1114, of striving for perfection and catching excellence along the way, while having a lot of fun in the process
  • Must make gracious professionalism and ethical behaviour a priority at all times
  • Must be willing to always prioritize our fundamental belief in “Simplicity in Design”
  • Must be willing/able to attend the majority build weekends in St. Catharines (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon) January through April. Accommodations can be arranged. Ride sharing to St. Catharines from Toronto/Waterloo is also a possibility.
  • Must be willing to participate and communicate consistently via the team Slack
  • May be asked to do some remote work/mentoring as needed during the season
  • May be asked to volunteer at team run events


  • Joining a team with a student focused culture of excellence and fun
  • Potential to take on a leadership role as a design mentor of a specific robot subsystem(s)
  • Work with a passionate group of students and mentors with a high degree of technical aptitude
  • Work with and learn from an array of long time FRC mentors with significant industry experience
  • Participate on a team where strategy and scouting are giving the highest amount of value and respect
  • Access to a well defined network of engineering internship/full-time opportunities

This type of role could be a great fit for a young FRC alum who is looking for an opportunity to define themselves outside of their high school team. I know it was a life changer for me back in 2004, leading me to many of the professional opportunities I’ve had since that time.

If you’re interested in joining us, please contact [email protected]. We will attempt to respond to all inquiries in a timely fashion.

  • kk
    Team 1114 Mentor Emeritus

Hmmm is a 7 hour drive too much? :slight_smile:

Yeah but do you do Field-relative positioning through non-linear state estimation?

C’mon man, at least 254 offered Mentor Bacon

No worries, all build weekends come with free lunch and dinner as provided by our very generous team parents. Bacon has definitely made the menu at times in the past.

Probably Canadian Bacon though…

That better not be a complaint; Canadian bacon is delicious!

Good luck on the mentor hunt Simbotics!

More than happy to remote-share my sense of humor without doing any work.

This looks cool

Fun fact, “Canadian bacon” is not a thing in Canada. They eat peameal bacon.

Who needs bacon when there is precious maple syrup to be had?

See you all are missing the real benefit. You’d be in much closer proximity to one of those legendary Tim Horton’s places I always hear about.

Will this be a thing in the 2021 season, and how flexible are you about freshmen in college? Asking for a friend.

This sounds like an incredible opportunity. Hope you find your mentors soon! I’ve seen 1114 in action at Champs both of the past two years, and your students have a gift.

You could just come to Minneapolis too, we have plenty of Tim Hortons. Also lots of cool teams, still in America (for those who can’t emigrate easily), and some of the best regionals in the world!

Your gonna be sorely disappointed, Tim Hortons has sucked for years now. Imagine it like if Burger King tried to make their own version of Dunkin Donuts and then embellished it with nolstagic Canadian Branding.

You’re just jealous 'cause Georgia doesn’t have Tim Horton’s and North Dakota does.

(it isn’t great coffee btw)

In addition, the one by the Alerus Center was great. Made a practice day birthday even better! Would totally recommend.

As someone who has been to Tim Horton’s, I do not think the state is particularly worse for not having it. America runs on Dunkin anyway.

Tim Horton’s slander will not be tolerated

Agreed - Dunkin is way better. Especially when you can find at least two or three in each town. (yay New England).

Ever since I went to Michigan last year and had their frozen hot chocolate (among other things), I get periodic bouts of depression when I realize I live hundreds of miles from the nearest TH.