Team 1114 - Simbot Ali

Team 1114 proudly presents our 2017 robot, Simbot Ali

Thanks to all of our sponsors for their generous support, especially Innovation First International, General Motors of Canada, Gridpath Solutions, The District School Board of Niagara, Ontario Power Generation, Solidworks and Westminster Teak.

We’d like to thank FIRST Robotics Canada for all their hard work in transitioning Ontario to the district model. Simbot Ali will be competing at the Ryerson and Waterloo District Events, The Ontario Provincial Championship (if we qualify) and the FIRST Championship - St. Louis.

The robot looks awesome! It’s the first tall robot with a turreted shooter I’ve seen! Good luck at you first competition.

**Wheres the red color?!? **

Jk. it looks great. Can’t wait to see it in action.

Wow, it looks like a kPa beast! Can’t wait to see you guys at Ryerson tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Good luck guys! Robot looks good.

Looking forward to competing with you guys this weekend at Ryerson! Can’t wait to see that shooter going with 4 775pros :smiley: Looks solid

Digging the au natural colour

All the best from 907 and see you this weekend!

They’re going through a transition as their head mentor stepped down last season.

Is this actually simbotics?
This seems a little off. We have already have had a “254” robot already.
Usually Simbotics has precision machined and powder coated works of art…

Some cool background info: IIRC, Karthik used to point out in his strategy presentations that making robots gorgeous eats up tons of resources and time, and he’d jokingly call out 254 in particular for all the effort they put into that. 1114 for a long while had a reputation for their bots being scrappy looking.

Since 1114 has tampered their aesthetic back down, I’d take it as a promising sign for the season; it looks like they’ve chosen to invest into getting the machine together more quickly and keeping as much hands-on time with it as possible. It takes some guts to go back to your roots like that, step back, and go with something humble. It’s a great tradeoff more teams should be willing to make.*

*Here, if only so Will Payne doesn’t make the joke first, I have to throw some loving shade at a certain former team of mine whose faith in cutting-edge fanciness has been earning them a lot more engineering and design awards lately than blue banners.:smiley:

I second that. This robot reminds me of Simbots 2006 when they built triplets and the devastation that machine had on the high goal, witnessed it first hand when my old team 229 and our partners 217 and 4 squared off verses 1114 in the semis. The simplicity is what should scare people from a team this good more than the lack of visual appeal. Also I think back to a reaction post to 1114’s 2015 robot in which someone stated they were underwhelmed by 1114’s pic. I have to imagine that feeling only lasted until Simbots quarter final matches at GTR that season where they were good for a 3 tote auto and 4 capped stacks by themselves.

In my opinion this bot is even more intimidating than if it was powder-coated. It shows that they are entirely focused on a functioning, fine-tuned machine. Besides, the Simbots weren’t particularly aesthetically pleasing until like, 2008 and they still dominated

I’d just like to say I am most jealous of those bumpers. The fabric is so neatly creased, stitched, and taught.

The quality of a team’s bumpers often correlates with their performance on the field. Or something like that. -Karthik K.

No floor pickup. Very interesting. Throwback to 2013?

There is some other team from their neighborhood with a similar aesthetic that seems to have done pretty well in recent years…

Looks like a good Championship 1st pick.

Where’s 971’s robot? Also I have no clue at all why you would call their robot unprofessional when their bot is still way ahead of so many others.

Looks great 1114! We can’t wait to cover it’s performance on GameDay Live! on Sunday.

Ohh, the old long con…

Been waiting to see this and I am impressed. That turreted shooter will definitely be amazing to watch.

And I feel confident in saying that this is a practice robot.

Good Luck!

I now feel really bad about that post :frowning:

I can’t wait to watch this robot this weekend. I always admire 1114’s ability to think about the problem differently, and this robot has me wondering if we missed out on seeing the value of the tall configuration for ball funneling and shooting.

Also, I know that this has been a tough tech development year for us with lots of schedule slip due to difficulty of ball shooting. I wouldn’t be surprised if 1114 had similar challenges this year, and I wonder if the lack of powder coat this year is really just another 1114 strategic brilliance of cutting scope where scope doesn’t matter.

Best of luck this weekend! I am disappointed we won’t be seeing this robot in person this year.

As many of you have noticed, we changed up our manufacturing process a bit this year. We actually joked throughout the build season that we should anonymously post picture of our robot to see if anyone could guess it was ours.

Since 2014, we have slowly been integrating our CNC mills back into our manufacturing process (this knowledge was slowly lost from 2009-2013). This year we felt like we had reached a level of comfort that we were able to change it to our primary manufacturing technique. By doing manufacturing in house, we were able to start making parts as their design was completed rather than waiting for all the parts to be designed and sent out at once. This allowed us to speed up manufacturing on some systems and delay manufacturing on others that needed more time to prototype. This change also speaks in large part to how accessible the VEXpro product line is. Without the vast array of modular parts they have in stock, we would not have been nearly as comfortable with this transition.

With this major change in build process, we decided to simplify our design both functionally and strategically to ensure we did not over extend ourselves. That’s why you’ll notice a lack of pickup (ball or gear) and no powdercoating (we will be adding sponsor decals tonight at Ryerson). Without including a pick up in our design, we felt having a smaller footprint to navigate through defense, hang faster, and have a higher shot outweighed the advantage of having a higher ball capacity.