Team 1114: Simbot CAD Archive

Team 1114 is proud to release our full archive of CAD files, consisting of the CAD models of our last five robots. You can now find all of our models, along with the associated robot display boards on our website.

Please not that these models have not been enhanced or modified; the models are what we used each season to build our robots. As you will see in the models, several details are omitted in an effort to reduce the amount time to spend CADing as well as model complexity (to increase SolidWorks performance). We essentially CAD just enough stuff so we can begin fabrication. In addition, many of the design changes that are made after parts are initially manufactured are not updated in our models; unless they need to be laid out using SolidWorks due to complexity. As a result, several of our “homemade” subsystems did not make it into the models (such as the pickup & hanger bracing in 2010, minibot & minibot deployment in 2011, dingus mounting & ball elevator in 2012, and shooter floor/roof & deflector in 2013).

Also included are full PDF versions of our past robot display boards, which explain many of the details about our robots. You can learn more about each robot at:

If you have questions about any of our models, you can post them here, or you can contact our team using the form at

Out of all of the resources that 1114 provides to the FIRST community, I think this is the one we can all learn the most from. Thank you.

This is going to be so cool to go through. Thank You.

This is like an End of School/Finals Present!

Wow. It might take a while to digest all these files…

Thank you, Simbotics, for releasing this magnificent resource to the FIRST community.

Well… I was going to take a break from robotics and relax during summer, but now…

Wow. This is an amazing resource for the FIRST community. Thank you 1114, for continuing to give and inspire.

Can’t wait to go through all of these.

I believe simbotics had some type of engineering notebook in the pit; can that be posted too?

I have class in an hour and an assignment to do. Do the assignment or look through simbot CAD? UGHHHHHHHH

Took a quick look at Simbot Steve. I’ve always wanted to look at the elevator on it. The bearings mounts are absolutely genius. I would have never though about doing that, but with sheet metal that becomes really easy.

Thank you so much for posting these. The design is beautiful. My favorite parts so far are the wheel axle mounts on the 2013 robot, and the 2013 climber. It’s just awesome! The sheet metal design is incredible. I also love the gearboxes, which are simple, strong, and lightweight.

Simply, amazing. This is an absolutely incredible resource!
Let the learning commence.

Thanks Karthik, and the rest of 1114, for sharing.

We’ll be posting the engineering notebooks from the last two seasons in the coming days!

There’s so many things I could say about Team 1114 but I’ll simply say thank you for everything that you do. This is amazing.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Awesome!!! Now if only the cheesy poofs released their build blog…

Thank you

Is this real life? Or is this fantasy?

Awesome! One question, where do you buy your paint-on urethane?

My boss at Bosch told me about this first thing this morning. (He’s a FIRST mentor as well.) This is some pretty cool stuff to get to look at. Thanks for all that you do to further the competitiveness of the FIRST program.

John Fogarty

Jackpot!!! Thanks a million for posting these CAD models. Looking at detailed designs from really good teams is super valuable to the rest of us who are trying to reach that level some day.

Hey guys, I downloaded the CAD of simbot evolution but every time I try to open it, solidworks crashes immediately after it starts parsing the files, and prompts me to send a crash report to Solidworks. Anyone else having similar issues, and/or could help me with this? I was really looking forward to looking through those CADs… :frowning:

Was there a particular file you are having trouble with or are you unable to open all of the files? You will likely have more trouble with our more recent models since they have been getting more detailed each year. I just tried opening the 2014 step file and it took nearly 10 minutes, so it certainly isn’t easy on your computers resources. My first guess would be that you don’t have enough RAM (the computer I opened it with has 8 GB). Your processor may also may be the issue (I used an i7-2700K @ 3.50 GHz).