Team 1114 - Simbot Evolution Time Lapse

FRC Team 1114 Simbotics created a time lapse of a single weekend’s work. One of our mentors put a camera up during week 4 of build season, the weekend we received all our sheet metal from our sponsor Innovation First International (IFI). Over 5000 rivets later we created Simbot Evolution.

Time Lapse:

Would never be complete without that fantastic instrumental. xD

Your sheet metal work, along with 971 and 148, has always inspired me to become a better designer in the medium of formed parts.
Maybe I could get schooled sometime? :wink:

Aaron, I can’t believe you missed out on the opportunity to call the video “Evolution of Simbot Evolution”. :rolleyes:

Great video, though. It definitely shows the hard work and long hours 1114 puts into their machines.