Team 1114 - Simbot Smokescreen

Team 1114 - Simbotics, proudly presents our 2018 robot: Simbot Smokescreen](

Team 1114 is sponsored by General Motors of Canada, Innovation First International, Gridpath Solutions, The District School Board of Niagara, Ontario Power Generation, Hema, Solidworks, Vykan, and many other generous sponsors.

Simbot Smokescreen will be competing at the Ryerson and Windsor Essex Great Lakes District Events, The Ontario Provincial Championship (if we qualify), and the FIRST Championship in Detroit.


Looking sweet as always, and looking forward to seeing what auto modes you all came up with!

PS - go to bed, heard you kids needed a curfew for staying at your practice field too late :yikes:

Another super sleek robot from you guys. Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing it!

Another #teampassthrough bot!

Simbotics, this looks like yet another incredible and clean machine. Amazing job. Looking forward to watching it perform on the field this weekend!

Looking forward to see it hit the field.

If you ever wanted an indication of how much driver training 1114 does, check out those bumper numbers…

Oooh. Pretty Robot. No green compliant wheels for 1114? :stuck_out_tongue:

Over under 2.5 cubes on the scale in auto?

It’s just so simple. I love it.

Is it just me, or does it look like Simbot Smokescreen could fit inside Sideswipe?

That looks like an amazing robot in practice matches so far, what is that climb time? Subsecond climb 2 years in a row?

I really like this robot. It looks like it is working really well so far.

Definitely over.

I agree. This robot is incredibly effective and mechanically simple.

Seriously one of the craziest bots I’ve seen this year, way more impressive in person aswell. Been watching all weekend at Ryerson and their elevator is so fast it’s crazy.

Is that a polycarb intake?

I love the effective simplicity that seems to be dominating the competition. One question what happened to the red powder coating? Either way it is still beautiful.

This question was answered last year, when they stopped powdercoating:

I wonder if all of their students are just waiting to be asked about mechanical design such as intake creation or climber integration and people are always saying, “Why don’t you powdercoat anymore?”

Anyone have video of the bot? Didn’t have a chance to watch the live-stream.

We had the pleasure of playing with and (unfortunately) against 1114 at Ryerson. What was interesting was we had a lot of very similar design ideas but could not keep up with their scale placement rate in the finals. The level of polish in the execution of this robot is inspiring and the software control is sooo smooth.

The double ended eject is so obvious once you see it and adds so much to simplifying the game flow, around the scale.

Congrats on another beautiful design and a well deserved district win at Ryerson.

I’ll second that!