Team 111's scouting system: WildRank

Will you be making an iOS version of this app?

Ah yeah, I should have documented that. The password is defined in, as the field CONFIGURED_PASSWORD. It’s currently 9453 (“WILD” spelled out on a keypad). I should change that to use a global, easily changeable constant as well.

No one on my team has experience with iOS development, and we aren’t willing to pay for developer license. Also, porting this to iOS would require a complete redesign of the app anyway, as Apple provides no way to connect or access flash drives.

TL;DR no :slight_smile:

Dang, I feel like i should have been able to guess that. Awe well, thanks for getting back to me.

So which file in the desktop application do you open in order to run the desktop app and set it up? I don’t do much with the programming but am trying to do this for my team.

Basically install eclipse and a JDK, then you can just run the project.

Can the desktop app be packaged as an .exe application to make easier to run on different computers?

If one were to do that it would probably be as an executable jar file, but yes, it could definitely be done. It didn’t make sense to do that last year as we were constantly making additions and bug fixes so we were never at the point where it would make sense to package a stable version of the program; it was easiest to just run it from Eclipse every time.

I was just wondering as it would make it easier for our team to run at competition. Also when making changes to the android scouting app, what files have game specific information in it that would need to be changed for this season?

If you use the tablets for data analysis instead of using the desktop to generate a PDF summary (I highly reccomend the former, it’s much simpler), I think I did a pretty good job of highlighting everything that you have to do here: It tells you about what files you have to modify and how to modify them to set it up for your game. It may seem a little convoluted at first (it probably is, actually), but the slight extra complexity is needed to make it easy to modify and easy to extend.

Read through the docs and try it out. If things don’t make sense, post here and I’ll do my best to help! I’d appreciate any feedback you have so I can make things easier to understand for other teams.

For the android app which file to I need to have debug to test on my tablet. Yesterday I tried and it gave me a warning saying the target module was undefined.

Assuming you are running andriod studio:
To open project File>import project>“project_folder”>build.gradle
To change USB root:

To get a tablet to connect to android studio: THIS LINK

To deploy code onto device (have USB drive set up first): connect tablet, make sure it is recognized under the andriod device manager, run project (toolbar, green play button), select connected device and your tablet, profit.

NOTE: in its base form it will not look like much, you will need to edit some XML files to be game spicific. You will also need a game.wild file (example one I made for this years game located HERE)

Hope I helped (and information I gave was correct)

Just wondering, is permission granted for the ideas in this app to be ported to iOS? I am on the dev team of Team Driven’s iOS FIRST Scout App.

Absolutely! If you borrow significant ideas/functionality, we just ask that you mention us if you ever release anything.

Is there a way to change from using a flashdrive to using a microSD card?If there is what changes would I need to make?

They behave the same way from the file system’s view, so I don’t see why you couldn’t. You’d just have to change the path of the flash drive, which I described how to do a few posts previously.

I am now having a problem with the app showing no data on all screen with no other elements. Do you have an idea as to what I can do to fix this problem?

Can you be more specific and give me some more information? What have you tried and done so far? Can you post a screenshot of what the screen looks like? Can you check if the flash drive/micro SD card was properly configured? Any information you can give me would be helpful.

I am having a similar problem, I will post screenshots in a bit, I just have to try some messing around with XML files to see If i can fix it that way.

[EDIT] Here are some screenshots of various errors within the wildrank android app. I am still unable to get any information up on the match scouting screen.

Oh boy, that’s a lot of problems…

First of all, have you configured the flash drive with the desktop portion? That’s required to get match/team data onto the tablet. If you could set up a new flash drive from scratch and post the contents of it after you configure it, that would be helpful. By the looks of it, the teams transferred correctly, but the match list either wasn’t created by the desktop app or the parsing of it on the tablet failed. Once you get that working, that should fix almost all of the problems.

As for updating data/calculations, if you read the documentation on GitHub, you should get a pretty good sense of how that’s done. Feel free to ask any specific questions if the docs don’t explain it well enough.

When I get home today I’ll check out the desktop portion myself to make sure it’s working properly. Which event were you using to configure it?