Team 114 Animation

After consuming ten liters of coke - raking our heads with a fine tooth comb for anything remotely resembling an idea, and undergoing relentless sleep deprivation; we of team 114 animation division present you our animation.

We hope you find it as well-made as we do.

Please note the following:

  • The reflection in the CMU Cam Lens
  • Chain movements in the field scene
  • Our extremely high poly robot model which made a graphics card cry
  • The detail on the firing disc.

A compressed version will be out soon for those of you using dial-up

Very very nice. How long did that take to render? It’s one of the best animations I’ve seen.

It took approximately 3 minutes per frame.

that is simply amazing…VERY well done.

WOW!!! that is awesome!! simply AWESOME!!!Can’t wait to see the results you get for it!!!

Thanks you for the encouragement.

Currently - our lead animator is being fueled entirely by caffiene. He’ll be happy to know that everyone here enjoyed it as much as we did when he wakes up.

Yo! Slept all afternoon.

Glad to hear you like our animation!

I love your animation! It is very nice, I appreciate the detail, esp. in the camera lense etc… like you mentioned. I will feel good about losing to you at Pac NW :D.

REALLY nice animation. Congratulations.

Compression software is getting a bit twitchy recently.

25 gigs of this video downloaded so far.

You guys are actually hitting our server pretty hard right now. We’re averaging almost 2GB/hour upload :slight_smile:
Keep it coming! I want to see how high we can go… :wink: