Team 1155-2012 Robot-Sir Cobracorn

Heres the basics:
-Direct drive to 4 wheels, 2 wheels in the center allow for traction over the barrier
-pistons push down a bar to lower the bridge
-intake roller leads to a polycord elevator system
-wheels propel ball from the top and bottom to shoot, and the shooter head can change its angle
-camera (not mounted yet) determines distance from hoop and the shooting angle and shooting speed will be adjusted to make the shot
-hopefully sonars will be added to determine where we are on the field and how close we are to the barrier

Good luck and we’ll see you at NYC and Chesapeake!

Liking the sharp colors and drive system. The electronics board system looks great and we may have to do something like that next year.

That appears to be a 4 wheel drive (wheels in corners) long configuration robot. If I am correct, I strongly suggest you take some omni wheels with you to your first competition. I see it sitting on tile, and I suspect you’ll find that on carpet, it will not turn at ALL.

Of course, I may be wrong and that may be a wide configuration. It’s hard to tell from the picture.

its a wide orientation, so we can turn easily. We’ve tested it on competition grade carpet and it works very well! promo video coming soon

It’s a deceptive photo but now that you say it is wide I can see it. I’m excited to see it in action at NYC. Good luck in 2012 1155.

Looks good. Suggestion for the team would be to strain relief the wires to the motors. All the weight is carried on the motor terminals in the picture.