Team 1155 Constitution-any suggestions?

We on the Team 1155 leadership team have just finished what is hopefully the last version of our constitution before we vote it in once school starts in about a week. Ive uploaded it as a white paper which can be found here thinking that all of you might be interested in reading it. We are also open to suggestions, being how its not final yet, so if you think there is anything we missed or something wrong i encourage you to post it here and ill sort through to see if we can use any of them.


My goodness. I never knew you needed all the formality for some people to just get together and have fun while building a robot. :confused:

It is very well written though. So well that you lost me at about 4.5

To each their own I guess.

I assume this is somethign you need to submit to the school? Even if not, a constituion or handbook is a good start.

However, let me warn you of this: no freshman member will read this constition top to bottom. I suggest maintaining this and creating a simpler, more straightforward Student Handbook that covers the meeting details, what members need to know about the team, travel info, academic requirements, etc, that you can give to new members.

It’s very interesting how your team is set up almost as a government.

Here’s praying that you don’t have a coup. :yikes:

Glad to see you are taking a clear vision to your goals and are setting up parameters for your team so they can understand from the get go what is and what isn’t appropriate. A little more detail on what constitiues disciplinary action may be needed but it is very good.
If you need a refence guide here is a copy of our student handbook.
Keep up the good work.

Hey i’m MAGGIE CAO. Our team 334 Tech Engineers is making a constitution as well. We already finalized it before summer starts. It’s a really good idea because it organizes and describes the team in depth. I looked through your team’s constitution and i advise that you add “the bill of rights” (members) onto your constitution. If members are treated unfairly they have the right to object based on the constitution. :slight_smile: In addition, they won’t abuse their power.

There are also minor grammatical errors on the constitution. check it out! :smiley:

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

We’re making a handbook as we speak. We’re hoping the team will be organzied and ready to go with this in place as well as with the new leaders.


      Simon, George(the senior captain) and myself have actually been in contact with the mentors of your team throughout both of our writing processes which has been quite helpful. We've decided to opt out of including a bill of rights esque section in our constitution due to our writing of a student handbook as George stated above me similar to that of the Xcats (which I would like to thank ed for posting) but hopefully a bit shorter and tailored to the characteristics of our team. Thank you all for the suggestions.


your welcome. It was surprising to find out that our team has previously made a team handbook in a couple of years ago… LOLOL see you guys @kickoff. :] i can’t wait till the next game.