Team 1155 revealed!!!

Some footage of our robot hurdling. Comments are appreciated!

I love the way you guys hurdle!! and then catch the ball after you pop it off!
omg, your going to do that in autonomous right? seriously… amazing =]

I hope so :slight_smile:

Few specs:
Drivetrain - 4 cims through AM toughboxes modified for encoder feedback, two wheel drive with 6" IFI traction wheels in the back and AM omnis in the front, 10fps top speed
Launcher - Powered by surgical tubing, winched back with a van door motor and quick released by a pneumatically actuated dog gear.
Hybrid code to circle the track, knock down the ball in the home stretch, and knock down the ball in the opponents home stretch with IR input.

Almost the entire frame is welded chromoly steel, the tracks that our forks ride in is galvanized steel garage door track. Total weight of the robot despite all the steel is only 92 lbs without bumpers or battery.

Any other questions?