Team 116 Animation Competition

In light of recent events, Team 116 will be hosting an alternative Animation award competition this year. The prompt will be announced on our homepage on January 5th, the same day as kick-off. The prompt, like previous Autodesk animation prompts, will require each team to identify and solve a problem. We intend to organize a board of impartial judges, who will rate all submissions according to creativity, ingenuity, clarity of production, and mastery of the animating process.

A change from the previous award: all forms of animation will be accepted, including, but not limited to, the use of 3dsmax, Maya, claymation, stop-motion animation, and flip-book (two-dimensional frame) animation.

We will have a homepage for our award up by next week, with additional information therein. We look forward to hosting this new award, and we hope you will participate.

That sounds great. There are so many creative students passionate about animation, it would be a shame to let this aspect of FIRST fade away.

There are a number of other teams and individuals also organizing various types of animation contests. Would it make sense to get together (online), discuss different ideas and come up with the best plan?

Another advantage of a group effort is you have multiple people to help implement the plan; develop rules, create PDFs, website, trophies, help with training, etc.

This is OUTSTANDING! Teams can still create and compete with their animation skills, and even use new forms of media and software!

Great job, Epsilon Delta!!

Andy B.

Kudos to 116 for stepping up to do this! I hope you can get FIRST HQ to distribute the info.

Awesome! Just forwarded to our Animation Team Leader. We had a conversation on Wednesday about creating our own competition.

We are certainly open to joining forces provided we come to a consensus within a certain amount of time. There are obvious constraints on the time available before kickoff. We encourage teams that are interested to comment in this thread.

It depends on the scope of the competition. If it looks big and good, I might have my team try for it or I’ll try to help in some way shape or form.

I am a little taken back by the lack of an animation competition this year. I went to college based on my experience competing for the animation award. I chose to major in Game Design and Animation because of FIRST.

But what’s done is done I guess. As a mentor now for Team 230, I would like to say that Team 230 supports Team 116’s animation competition and will definitely be submitting.

In the mean time, can we stir up enough attention to get the award back? FRC and the animation award have literally changed my life and to not have animation award is unfortunate knowing how much it effected me and the potential it has to do the same for others.

Hi Everyone,

My name is John Helfen and I work for the Secondary Education team at Autodesk. I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that we support the efforts Team 116 is going through to run an animation competition this year.

I also wanted to provide everyone with some great resources for learning 3DS Max and Maya.

Two new resources have been launched on the Autodesk Area website.

Resources for M&E Students:

Resources for M&E Educators:

We also have feature a series about character creation in Sketchbook and Maya on the M&E EDU Blog:

Finally, I wanted to let all the MAC users out there know that we have recently added Autodesk Smoke ( to the Autodesk Education Community (

I hope this information will help students while building for the competition.



Thank you so much for your support. We are truly grateful for everything Autodesk does for FIRST and its animators.

Also, we would like to thank you for your efforts in creating new and improved resources for Autodesk software users. We will be using them during the build season to help our team members better understand the nuances of Autodesk software, and Smoke will be of great use to our Mac users.

Again, thank you.

To all who are interested in helping us create this award: we would like your input on matters regarding judging and the prompt. If you’re interested in helping, please drop us a PM and we’ll send you the information.

Thank you Team 116! I’m passionate about animation and I’m so happy you guys are willing to organize this! I agree that it would be a shame to let this aspect of FIRST fade away.

Any word on the competition? Will the prompt still be released on Saturday?

I was really upset to hear about there being no Autodesk Awards, and our Animation team is looking for a challenge this season. Team 2481 is on board with any competition you or FIRST creates!

We look forward to hearing the challenge Team 116 develops. Thanks for stepping forward!

Team 1504 is interested in participating.

Team 8 is also interested in participating in this challenge. Is there a link for the challenge?

Team 166 is also applauds your initiative and is eagerly awaiting the challenge for this season.

Sorry for the delay. The rules are up on our website here. We’d like to thank everyone for their support and we look forward to seeing your animations! Please check back often for updates.

I just want to say that Team 230 is using this opportunity to continue to support the animation portion of FRC. We have a really passionate group of kids interested in animation and digital media and we want to be able to spread the word that FIRST shouldn’t be just about the robots and the game. Our society today is obsessed with the latest apps and digital products along with amazingly detailed visual effect in movies. The next generation of visual effects artists and animators are the kids who are exposed to it before they get to college. Having real world tools at your finger tips gives the students such an advantage and it would be foolish to waste the opportunity.

I have contacted the university that I graduated from to try and get them involved as well and potentially offer scholarships. I have yet to hear back from them and I plan on bugging them a little more about the issue. Again I was able to take advantage of this opportunity when I was a student and it completely changed my life (literally, no joke). I want to be able to continue that opportunity for students who might not be interested in building robots, but building stories through video and animation.

Thank you again FRC Team 116 for putting on this competition and if you need any assistance regarding the animation competition please feel free to contact me and my team and I will try to help as best we can.