Team 116 Animation Competition

This is a wonderful idea, I wish there were more opportunities like this for other competitions.

Thanks for the competition. Our team really had fun coming up with an idea and modeling the scenes. Creativity at it’s best!

I’m hoping to view all of the submissions at some point, too. This development has been really fun to follow. Good luck to all of the teams who submitted to the competition!


Well, I am happy to share the link to ours. Here it is:

1504: Tremendous!
Really well done!

Thank you! I thought the kids did a wonderful job this year. Some time they’re going to have to explain to me how they do it. :smiley:

New to posting here, but have read for several years.

First of all - a HUGE thank you to Team 116 for setting up the animation competition this year.
This years entry is posted here:

We had a lot of fun coming up with a concept and then creating it.

Team 525 has done animations for only 3 years and are finally getting to where we feel like we have some idea of what we are doing. At the start, none of the mentors or students had ever worked with this software. But, we had students who were interested, and so we went forth.

I would also agree that it would be nice if there was a list of where all of the animations could be viewed.

Here is Team 111’s animation:

Also, Thanks to Team 116 for hosting and good luck to everyone who made an entry this year!!!

Thank you to team 116 for hosting this competition. This is only our second year doing animation, as well as being our second year as a team.

This is team 4296’s animation:

Thank you to team 116 of hosting this animation contest. We really appreciate it.

We has only been doing animations for only two years, as well as only being a team for two years.

Here is team 4296’s animation:

We how you enjoy!!

Thank team 116 for being a leader. I am eager to have our team see all the submitted videos.
Here is the link for team 166 Chop Shop from Merrimack HS in Merrimack NH.

The Team 20 animators truly appreciated the contest that 116 set up this year. With three years of strong animation prior to this and several students joining the team specifically for animation this year, it would have been a real shame if there were no contest.

This is our 2013 submission (we had some fun with this one):

Hello everyone! We are pleased to inform you that the popular voting page is up and running!

It can be found here:

We encourage all teams to vote on their favorite animations and also encourage other teams to do so as well. It takes about 35 minutes or so to go through all 22 submissions, so we ask that everyone look through them all before making a decision. Remember that each team only has one vote, so choose wisely.

The deadline for voting is April 15th. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the voting process, you can put them here, PM us, or email us at

Team 116

Our team’s animation (4296) was not added to this this. Can you please add it to the list?

Just a quick reminder that voting for the Underground Society of Animators (USA) Excellence in Animation Award (EAA) is open through next Monday, April 15. Each team in the FIRST community gets to cast one vote for the Creativity Award. Note that the voting is open to ALL teams – even if you did not submit an animation for the contest. You can vote here -

And thanks to Frank Merrick for including a mention of the USA award project in this week’s FRC Blog.

Also, our plan is to present the awards at the FRC Championship in St Louis in a few weeks. Because this is not an official FIRST award (this year – keep your fingers crossed for next year), it won’t be presented from the big stage. We are working on the venue and timing for the presentation of the award, and have a few cool options. We will keep everyone posted, and hope to announce that part in the next day or two.



Just an update on this item. The Underground Society of Animators (USA) Excellence in Animation Awards will be presented at the beginning of the FIRST Has Talent show on Saturday evening of the FIRST Championship weekend. We hope that many of the animation competitors will be present in St Louis, and that everyone will have a chance to show their appreciation for their efforts in person.



Thanks again for doing this! Our team really had fun this year. They liked having the option of doing something different. From the looks of the submissions, other teams had fun doing this as well.

For those of us who were unable to attend, have the winners been posted anywhere?


Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 Awards for Excellence in Animation, from the Underground Society of Animators (USA)! Three judges awards went to:

• Team 103 / Cybersonics for “Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig

• Team 811 / Cardinals for “Hansel and Gretel

• Team 1038 / Lakota Thunderbirds for “The Three Little Pigs and The Big Bot Wolf

• The Creativity Award went to Team 20 / Rocketeers for “The Flight Of Icarus

• The Technical Excellence Award went to Team 4213 / Metal Cow Robotics for “Jack and The Silver Beanstalk

Team 20 was in attendance at the “FIRST Has Talent” show, and has received their award. Team 4213 will have their award shipped to them. Smaller versions will also be sent to the judges award winners.

And a HUGE thank you to all the teams that submitted entries, the teams that voted, and the panel of professional judges that gave their time and attention to support the effort.

If you liked being able to participate in the animation competition, submitting for the competition, seeing and voting on the entries, knowing that your entries were seen by professional animators and film makers, or any other aspect of the USA AEA events, PLEASE let FIRST know about it! Hopefully, this year has been a great indicator of the level of interest, and an example of a cost-effective way to implement the competition process, and FIRST will reinstate the award as an official activity.



Congratulations to the winners!

I made a special trip over to the Autodesk area to add my support for animation next year. I don’t think they were overly enthusiastic about it, but they did say they were considering it.