Team 116 Animation Entry

Most of the reason that it looks so realistic is that we made the textures ourselves from pictures we took with a high quality digital camera. In fact, a lot of the geometry that you see, like the tool chest, is really just a basic primative with a good texture mapped onto it.

Lev is the master at mapping, so I’ll let him explain in more detail. But mainly, the secret to getting such realism is to map real life images onto things.

mmmm… Mountain Moo… i;d like to see those given away at competitions :slight_smile:

Looks great! can’t wait to see the whole thing. In one of the pictures i see boxes on their sides and on top of each other, and makes me assume movement of boxes. Did you guys use the synamics software (havok) or just hand do it? Or am i totally off and making a fool of my self :slight_smile: When did you guys start working on this? And finally, what grades are you guys in?

Whoa, Thats alot of questions!

Where there a lot of UVW mapping? Or was it purely just fiddling with the material editor?
Yes, there was LOTS of UVW mapping, almost every object has a UVW modifier on it. Because of that, there wasnt much to do in material editor - most of the objects just have assigned diffuse and bump maps, and adjusted specular and glossiness values.

did you map the hammer (with pictures from a real hammer) and then bump map it? And how did you do the textures on the red tool chest?
Steve explained it pretty well: for these two, we just took pictures of the real things in our shop, and then UVW-mapped it (with planar projection) on the simplified geometry. The toolchest is really just two chamfered boxes, with texture maps on each side. We wanted to have bump maps on the objects, but we had to leave them, because of artifacts created by Light Tracer+Bump Map combination.

Did you guys use the synamics software (havok) or just hand do it?
We used reactor for one of the robot with boxes frames, but the pictures that are uploaded now just have hand animated objects. (We will upload the reactor-ed scene later)

When did you guys start working on this?
We started on January 4th, right after Kickoff, although we had some storyboard brainstorming, and extensive facial modeling practice before that
what grades are you guys in?

Again, thanks for the comments!

The image for saturday has been uploaded!

Today we are posting a screen of a man we lovingly call “Dead Guy”. No, he isn’t really dead. We just call him that.

Our ImageStation album is here.

The actual image can be found here:

Thanks for your comments, questions, and support!


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that is amazing…

I think that mountain moo is hilarious, you know what would be really funny? Print out that cover for that can on a label with your team number on the back, slap it on a can of the soda and hand it out as your little team thing at the regionals.

None of us are actually sure what Mountain Moo is made of, but to me it seems to be one of three things: carbonated milk, carbonated cow hide, or carbonated beef.

I’d show you some of the original drafts of Dead Guy’s head but Lev would probably kill me. It took weeks, but as you can see, it was worth it.

At the moment, the trend seems to be photoshopping Mountain Moo in convenient locations. Look for it in a FIRST photograph near you!

hmm… interesting idea Katy.

The story behind Mountain Moo:

One of the parents kept a fully stocked icebox of soda near the door at every meeting. The sodas cost $.50 each (a steal! - sodas in the machine down the hall cost $.60). Every single meeting I would shell out between 3 and 5 dollars just for Mountain Dew (unless I had no money in which case I just asked people to help pay for my addiction). So when we decided that we needed more things to put on the table in the hammering scene, I suggested Mountain Dew.

Due to copyright reasons we couldn’t do the Dew, so we did the Moo.

Also, I don’t think that Mayberry’s right. Something so good could not have such disgusting ingredients.

laughs our team lived off the stuff too, how else do you redo the box stacker at 2AM? We had a microwave there making Top Raman, Easy-Mac and Mountain Dew the entire robotics food pyramid. We called it practice for college.

Another image had been uploaded to our ImageStation album!

The direct link for the screenshot is:

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My sig? I just have the link.

Oh right - I was supposed to put instructions in my sig…

Anyways I’ll just give you my spiel:

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*Originally posted by SteveC116 *
Today we are posting a screen of a man we lovingly call “Dead Guy”. No, he isn’t really dead. We just call him that.

Hey Steve - no fair! You gave Mr. Dead Guy back his ear! And he was so much cooler when there was just a smooth slab on the side of his head!!! :smiley:

And, personally, I always thought that Mountain Moo was made from the juices of the cow left over after they made those sumptuous Beef Sticks!


Y = AX^2 + B… ehhh, whatever

Totally awesome renderings. Look like you’ve got a winner!!

In the image posted by Lev earlier today, I noticed the bump mapped image on the lower tool box has the “Kennedy” nameplate reversed.

Was that intentional or just overlooked?

I noticed the bump mapped image on the lower tool box has the “Kennedy” nameplate reversed

Oops… You are the first person to point that out. :slight_smile: Well, what we have here is the results of careless mapping, caused by rushing to meet the deadline (the toolchest was added at the last moment)… But, i guess its too late to change it now.

Another frame had been uploaded to our ImageStation album!
As it turned out, our scene is much less original than we thought it would be, during planning, but… its still there.

The direct link is: Best Of SEO & Blogging - ImageStation

<whisper> Lev… I noticed that a while ago but didnt say anything. </whisper>

The Tuesday Screenshot is uploaded at the ImageStation album!

Direct link:

The final animation is going to be uploaded on Thursday.

The last screenshot had been uploaded.
You can view it at:

The full animation will be posted tomorrow, in the Post a link to your animation here thread.

The animation has just been posted in our gallery. The link is:

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That looked pretty nice.
Just wondering how long did it take you to render that
(i noticed u used light-tracer and that took like 10 min a frame on my comp).

Thats roughly how long it took on Lev’s computer. On mine it was between 3-7 minutes a frame. We’d just start rendering before we went to bed and it would be done by the time we came home from school the next day.

The pictures look really good, and I’m really looking forward to downloading it at school tomorrow. Hopefully, the TechnoKat animation “Break Left” will be uploaded to our website soon.