Team 116 - When good robots go bad...

The Team 116 robot, ED-5, has been driving around for about a week now. ED-5 has been patiently waiting for the rest of his systems to be integrated on to the mobility system. But after several days of unfulfilled promises, his patience has worn thin. Being a rather strong-willed and highly autonomous robot, he decided to take matters into his own hands (grippers?). If the team was not going to deliver more robot parts to him, then he would have to go and hunt for more robot parts on his own. Spying an open doorway, ED-5 made a break for it and headed for the great outdoors.

Fortunately, ED-5 was spotted by Richie before he made it all the way to freedom. Throwing caution to the wind, Richie nearly sacrificed his own safety to restrain our strong-willed 'bot and keep ED-5 from going AWOL. The confrontation that followed can only be described as a truly memorable moment in our team history…]( (760K QuickTime MPEG-4)


Don’t you have a robot to be driving… on MARS???

Actually I’m really glad that our chassis looks pretty similar to yours (as far as I can tell) - that indicates to me that we must be doing something right.

Either that or you’re both wrong. :ahh:

plays the clip about ten times

wonders if Blondie can drag people, too

We’d never do anything to make her mad, though. Just don’t introduce her to your ED-5…Don’t want her getting any ideas now… :stuck_out_tongue:

That would make a grat commercial for FIRST…

Just to see if he could, ED-5 has also been dragging two people around at a time (but we don’t have it on film).

That gives me a new idea for fund-raising… robot carnival rides! Give us a dollar, hang on tight, and we’ll take you out for a scrape! :smiley: