TEAM 1183 ALMOST DONE ( more pics ) ( that work )

well guys - we’re almost there! 5-6 man build team, a drill and a sawzall, and some free welding done by my boss, and $700 - I think we’ve done surprisingly well with such an underpowered team this year :smiley:

here’s our “workshop”

and tadaa!!! ( yes, its that big, we might cut it down some )

a side pic - with the arm somewhat laid together ( to give an idea ) it’ll reach up to about 12ft ( at least thats planned ) - the short piece is… well just to show it - each length will be 4ft long, and giving some overlap - but add the ride height and yea…

and yea - it rides 4in high in the front, 3 in high in the back… looks like we could literally run over some other bots that have been shown :smiley:

not bad for getting all the stuff from Lowes, salvaging parts from last years 'bot, and sacking our tech ed room and physic teacher’s garage for tools :smiley:

and oh yea - this year - no machine shop - which also meant no mentor :]

and mad props go out to the girls who are designing and doing our webpage :slight_smile:

Sorry man, no pics present… But a great looking robot! :slight_smile:

yea - dont know why my pics wont work - guess i’ll try another host

got a new host site - works now! ( obviously )

heh - we’ll have more pics up soon of the arm assembled fully! ( we just got it up and going ) -sigh-I hope we do well - next step, programming… :cool:

You know, guys, I think your project is great. As much as I admire the teams with fully-equipped machine shops and $50,000 budgets, I am just as impressed with what a few people can do on a shoestring. Good on you.

(We built ours in a high school wood shop with lots of mentors, but no metalworking equipment and a tiny budget. We have a lot of Organic Fibrous Construction Material on our 'bot – but it grabs and lifts tetras with some enthusiasm…)