Team 121 Highlight Video - MUST SEE

Hey everyone,

Please take a few minutes and watch this video I made. It features clips of build season and what we can do.

37 megs and good quality:

7 megs and ok quality:

I used Windows Movie Maker and spent alot of time doing this. Please watch it.

Wayyyyyyy too much time on your hands! I wish I had the talent to make a video like that! Great job…eventhough you dont have to convince me to how good your robot is, I already know.

Good Luck,
Andy Grady

These guys are good-- i can attest to that after watching them compete at two regional events…

Awesome cappers, but their main strong point is strategy… these guys always seem to find a way to beat their opponents in qualifying matches… great job 121!


What did you use to make the video? Adobe premier?

Ha, not all of us on team 121 have this much time. This video was completely done by Rick, yes, the infamous rick himself… as far as I know. Nice job… and shouldn’t you be bowling with all that time? I mean… your 230’s were definately starting to look sloppy.

Rick Says:

:yikes: Rick, EXCEEELENT VIDEO! very creative idea. Now I know what I was missing all those nights I’d leave early :smiley: It took a long time for you to compile all these clips and you were there night after night helping out with the robot and taking pictures and everything else. It’s very cool to see the final product of something that obviously took a lot of hard work and time to do. You’re the man!

Awesome video Rick!
…and of course… Awesome robot.

Can’t wait to see you guys again at nats.

Good Luck,

you spelled weight wrong…

but beside that, awesome video. but i disagree. I would have to say 195 is the best capper in the game :wink:

that was so awesome

thanks for the postive feedback everyone and sorry i spelled weight wrong… keep the comments coming! thanks

This video has been in the making for quite some time. Anwyways good job Rick!

Great job on this video, and you guys were great at the competition too–I know because I was there :).


Way too cool! Vid and bot. Primo ideas on both, along with excellent workmanship.
Best of luck, and keep up the good work.

Great job with the video, I especially like the “In theory…,” I’ve experienced it many times myself. Haven’t seen you guys compete but it looks and sounds like you guys are doing great! I’ll definitely have to keep an eye out for y’all.

Very nice… i love how u gett hat 2X!

You have made a very elegant large ball handling mechanism. I love the video, it’s not only imformative but extremely entertaining. Awesome web host, you were topping out my cable modem at 350KB/s :smiley:

Awseome video…that must have taken a lot of time/work. Also, your robot if great!! I love the belts to take in/spit out the 2X ball. Good luck at nationals.

Awesome vid Rick. Good idea to use the threads as a way to display our robot, vs. handing out flyers at comps. Love the use of Linkin Park :smiley:
Just some more stuff to point out. . .
Our ground big ball threshing mechanism also serves as a catcher if the ball falls out of the big goal. Also we can hold two big balls, one on top, one on bottom bars. We have plans to improve our hanging by using a double sided hook for more versatility.
See you at Nats!