Team 121 Teaser Video

Can anyone figure out what our secret device is from this video?

Good luck everyone!


very nice, very well built

For some reason when your robot drives around with a ball in its claw, it reminds me of those videos of snakes eating eggs… My team didn’t believe me when I was going on about the effectiveness of roller claws; now I can finally prove my point. Looks awesome!

Beautiful!!! very efficient!!


i officially dub your robot the snake.

very nice design, i think you guys will definitely go far with that bot. The only thing i don’t like is how you have to turn around to score the ball.

Excellent design, you all have solved this game very well, congratulations.
Good luck!

What motor(s) are you using to power the roller for your claw?

That works much better than I would have expected from such a design; good job!

Just a heads up for people with a mac. It doesn’t work in Safari for some reason, but works in Firefox.

We have a very liberal policy of showing our robot during the build season. You can check out additional photographs of our robot close up at and

Banebot with 64:1 reduction and an additional reduction through sprockets. Can’t remember though which BB it is.

It’s the larger one (the RS-550, I think is the model number) on a 42mm BaneBots transmission.

Good for you! we are also putting out quite a bit of information about ours.

Very nice machine! lots of thought went into it, obviously…

I was just looking at your website, and you had a prototype for this exact machine by Day 2 of build season! Way to stick with the plan

Fast and effective, very nice. Is there anyway you may be able to hurdle the ball without turning around. Your robot is very fast and quickly adjust to the reversal but I am curious if have ideas to possible saving time?

Wow, our robot sucks compared to your guys! :ahh:

Great job guys, always loved your bots simplicity and great control over the game piece in 04’, 07’, and this year you guys have mastered the roller claw system to control the game piece. Very very nice.

Here’s our mockup, followed closely by our current machine:

The transformation between the two took ~2 weeks.

that last video is pretty funny :smiley: and o so true

What material did you use on the rollers to grip the ball?

Nice Claw :cool:

That warmth you feel from the south is my glare of admiring envy. I will be quite interested in seeing this one.