Team 1218: Vulcan Robotics- Vulcan Viper

Take a look at our latest robot: The Vulcan Viper

Video #1:

Video #2:

Pictures will be posted here and at our website ( soon.

We hope to see you at Hatboro Horsham and our Chestnut Hill District Event!

Robot looks awesome!

And let’s be honest, those videos are probably two of the most epic robot reveal videos I’ve ever seen.

WOW! Showcasing shots from so far away. Scary robot, awesome presentation.

As they say in my new homeland, DOPE!

Dubious editing on that last shot aside, I can’t wait to see this 'bot this weekend.

Those are some amazing release videos…my particular favorite would be the first one; A Champion.

take me to the car wash… the car wash yeah.

Good stuff.

Wow, way to turn reveal videos into an art form!

Awesome robot! We had fun working with you last year in NJ and look forward to seeing you around MAR.

I am super excited to see this bot in action week 1… should be a blast. One of the best looking bots from the MAR region right now…

Looking great 1218! Can’t wait to see this machine in person!

Very impressive.

Good luck this season!