Team 1241 2019 Reveal: Zapdos

Team 1241 is excited to share our robot for the 2019 season … Zapdos

We’re looking forward to competing at the ONT Waterloo and ONT McMaster events, and hopefully the Detroit Championship

Full res pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Technical Specifications

  • 8 wheel west coast drive (kinda, not really) powered by 4 NEOs
  • Two speed gearbox
    • High gear has a top speed of 17ft/s
    • Low gear has a top speed of 8.6ft/s


  • 2 stage cascading lift extends ~66”
  • Centrally mounted gearbox powered by 2 775 pros with top linear speed of 6.9ft/s (bottom to top in 0.6s)

Bintake (Ball Intake)

  • Top and side rollers powered by 1 775 Pro using bevel gears
  • Intakes and centres cargo, then pivots to feed cargo into carriage
  • Pivot is powered by 2 775 Pros (477.75:1 Reduction) to lift Zapdos onto level 2

Bejector (Ball Ejector)

  • 2 wheels powered by 1 775 pro feed cargo from bintake
  • 2 wheels on each side powered with 2 775 pros shoot cargo

Hejector (Hatch Ejector)

  • 2 fingers powered by pistons are used to centre and take possession of hatches
  • 2 additional pistons on each side assist in scoring
  • Entire hejector mechanism extends forward 6” off 1 piston to score from minimal distances

Hintake (Hatch Intake)

  • Not captured in photos
  • Intakes and centres hatches off the ground using 2” compliant wheels powered by 1 775 Pro
  • Pivots to pass hatch off to hejector

Good luck to all the teams competing this year!


You guys have aesthetics figured out, great looking bot


Looks great! Though…

[Citation needed]


True, we do WCD so often that I just wrote it without thinking.

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How many lbs is it currently?

Besides that, amazing robot. Can’t wait to see it in action again!

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We originally designed the robot with a 6 miniCIM drive and with that it would’ve been just a few lbs overweight with the hintake. Now that we switched out the miniCIMs for NEOs we’re at 120, but we’re planning some iterations that will probably take us up to 124.1 lbs by competition. :wink:

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Any thoughts on the NEOs as drive motors? We’re considering a similar move.

Can’t wait to see it in action! I have a few questions:

-Have you guys ever had any issues with the aggressive lightening on nearly every part on the bot?
-Are the plates on the outside of the wheels to aid with bumper mounting or are they actually functional?

Looks like Waterloo is shaping up to be an exciting event. I’m looking forward to the competition. Canada really is bringing it!

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I’m seeing a lot of familiar things on this robot! Makes me giddy! Your execution is of course top notch! Jealous!

Before the season started we decided against NEOs because of controls issues but they’ve gotten much better over the season with their updates. I’ll let one of our programming students respond in more detail though.

1241 has the strangest amount of consistency in their robots year to year and I will never understand how you pull it off every year.

Another beautiful robot, and loving the naming scheme of the mechanisms.

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Do you guys plan to add a climber?

We haven’t had any significant issues. Last year at DCMP the 1x1 that held our claw for climbing snapped but that was excessively lightened even by our standards. It was a quick replacement though.

The plates on the outside act as additional support for the axles as well as bumper mounting/support.

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Waterloo is always interesting. #wethenorth

Thanks! :blue_heart::orange_heart:

gorgeous guys! Any videos?

Your robot aesthetics always wow me…such a sleek looking design

No, we decided not to pursue a level 3 climb at the start of the season.

The plates on the outside act as additional support for the axles as well as bumper mounting/support.

Wouldn’t it be lighter to just lighten the chassis less? And I love your team every year.
How do you guys know how much you can lighten? do you run Sims in solidworks? experience?

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