Team 1241 THEORY6 2022 Robot Reveal - Fender Bender

Team 1241 THEORY 6 is proud to present the robot for our 19th season, Fender Bender.

Interesting Features:


  • 6 falcon tank drive, 13 ft/s


  • Mecanum roller to center the ball before entering the conveyor
  • Roller with velcro strips to assist with bouncing balls


  • Beam breaks to index balls
  • Fully automated conveyor sequence to ensure consistency in ball shooting


  • 2 position hood for shots from the fender and launchpad
  • Main shooter wheel with 2 top rollers to reduce spin


  • <1 second climb to mid rung
  • Hook auto deploys as the telescoping arm raises

Looking forward to competing at the following competitions:

  1. Humber day 2
  2. Waterloo day 2
  3. St. Mary’s day 1
  4. St. Mary’s day 2

Looks awesome!! See you on the field tomorrow :sunglasses:

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Love the new aesthetics. What was the thought process behind 6 falcons on the drive, and how is it working for you? Also, what are the top rollers on the shooter made out of?

Another flappy flail intake! Good luck. Ours has worked well.

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