Team 1242- teaser

Just some pics

we have a final design drawing, but it would give it away too easily

so i’ll just let you guys figure it out

steering mechanism?

I spy a Crescent $30 tool set that I may have bought last week for our team.

Interesting, though, nobody’s discussed our lift mechanism on CD at all :smiley:
Should be a fun Boston regional for 2349.

Although my first thoughts on this were that it was steering, too, this would make an interesting lift.

Nice use of chassis hardware!
I would also go with steering mechanism or tilter for lift.

Looks good, realized after looking at the second picture for why the red crate is on its side, the picture is sideways, something lift related.

Wow, if it’s what I think it is, it will be impressive.

Let me guess. The little pieces of PVC pipe on there now will be replaced by something longer, that allows you to encircle the ball. You will then lift, and the entire “platform” thing will tilt so that you are supporting the ball vertically above your robot. Then sidle up to the overpass and tip it off. Am I close?

we have a lift this year.

I think it’s a tilting mec. so they just can unload the ball onto the overpass

you are good, lol…i’ll post a picture of our design to scale drawn out (we dont have CAD programmers or anyone familiar with that so we use pen and paper / board and chalk)

our only limit right now is the 80 inch “cylinder” rule 16

this is not a steering mechanism, we’ve had great experiences with omni-wheels and dont plan on leaving them anytime soon. We designed our drive train similar to a NASCAR car (wide traction wheels in the back and smaller, more maneuverable wheels up front [omni-wheels])