Team 1246 Robot


Doing laps at Woburn C.I.

I like the way the mechanums take those corners.

2008 Build photos:

Attending Waterloo and Greater Toronto regionals

great robot! I am a big fan of the macanum drive system!!!

so is your entire arm pnumatic? sweet. I like the parallel bars too.

I was surprised to be the only team at Waterloo with mechanums they really blow around the traffic jams.

The bar lift worked great but the ball holder took a real beating.

You weren’t the only team with a holonomic drive system… I can’t remember if you were the only mecanum based one though. I know 1006 had 4 wheel 90 offset omnis…

OK truthfully I didn’t have time to inspect every robots wheels. I just went from the number of people who came by the pit and said they haven’t seen those wheels before. We were with 1006 for the quarters so I knew theirs were in the holonomic class.

You were with us too :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, of course. Thanks for the assistance. It was our first time leading an alliance. I don’t know if we could have done any better given the opponents. Scouting had told me you were both hurdling capable and best amongst those who were availible.

We’ll see you next week at GTR.

Oh BTW I posted our last quarter final match on our website (YouTube link).

I thought we might have made semi’s, given the 1310/771/? (dont remember) alliance we were against for quarters… if only because 771 had been racking up penalties all weekend.

The other robot in the alliance we played in the quarters was 2200, they had a quality roller claw.

We might have been able to hurdle, however the designer of our new hurdling system went for lunch before we adopted his system (he was the one who knew how everything was going to work). Sadly it was not ready in time :frowning: .

Good Luck at GTR though.