Team 1257 2016: the electric weasel
Here’s an image of our 2016 robot: the Electric Weasel!
It’s a fast breacher bot with a fast external intake and a “tomahawk” for the portcullis.
See you at our next competition!

I was too busy looking at our robot during Mt. Olive to really see your’s during a match, but after rewatching our match footage, man do I love your intake. If you guys touch a ball, it’s your’s. It was a pleasure working with you guys this past weekend; thank you again for having faith in us on Sunday! Glad things were able to work out as they did, and we can’t wait to see you guys again at Bridgewater-Raritan!

The electric Weasel

what a great name for a super fast breecher bot. when on the field, that thing was super fast. i watched you guys in quals and pretty much every match you guys breached. That intake is also ridiculous.

what happened to the arm? when i saw that robot like week 4 of build season you had an arm at the other side of the robot. The motor mount is still there, but not the arm. what happened?

This thing was quite the beast at MO. Congratulations on the win, and we can’t wait to see you guys at MAR Champs! Wonderfully driven too. In the words of my head mentor, “They just launch their robot at defenses until they’re through it and it’s amazing”

We replaced it with the portcullis tomahawk since we reasoned it was more valuable.
Thanks guys! I appreciate the compliments and I’m sure the rest of 1257 does too.

I can see where you guys saw it as more important and i can agree, because if necessary, the sally port and draw bridge can be taken out if you work together.

regardless you guys still built an amazing bot. in terms of speed… yeah i didn’t see many robots that can top it.