Team 1257 Presents: The Pneumatic Lemur and the Gear-Master 9000

Introducing the Pneumatic Lemur!](
Here’s our reveal video as featured on premiere night!

-The Gear-Master 9000 (the thing that holds the gear) slides side to side for easy and quick gear collection and scoring.
-The GM9K has retractable flaps for catching the gear and guiding it into the holder.
-We have vision code to automatically align the GM9K to the peg for scoring in low-visibility situations
-Hook side of some velcro grabs a solid braid polypropylene rope very quickly allowing speedy procession of our rope.
-Autonomous gear scoring on all three pegs.
-Will never lose radio power! (Shameless self promotion :D)

Tech specs:
-Kit chassis
-4 CIM drive
-6 TalonSRXs
-Programmed in C++ using openCV for vision
-Microsoft LifeCam-3000 for vision
-Anything else, please ask!