Team 1261 - cRIO on 2008 "Longshot"

Hi all,

We put our new 2009 system for a test in last years robot, Longshot. Using LabView as our developing environment, we programmed the robot to pretty much do as it did last year - move, grab the ball, fire the ball…etc. We have never used LabView before, nor PID loops before (last year only implemented the proportional part of the loop). Last year’s robot now runs with PID loops and all that was in teleop before with LabView.

Quite excited for this season.


Nice Tanner,
The osculation are still a concern, but i like the potential control the PID will provide. One quick question for you: I see that you used a motor to pull down the sling shot. How did you disengage the motors that quickly to allow for the shot to take place?

Hehe. We used EM clutches (which were ever so controversial at regionals and nationals).