Team 1266: The Devil Duckies Presents

Hello CD Peeps,

I hope you all had a wonderful 2013 build season! Team 1266 was very busy this year doing all sorts of things and trying to step up our robot design!

I know everyone likes too see robots so here’s most of what the Devil Duckies came up this year a few days before bag n’ tag.

Here are some specs on The Devil Duckies robot this year:

  • 6 WD w/ timing belts, four 4 inch AM Performance wheels and 2 Versa vex wheels in the center
  • Single speed transmissions powered by 4 CIMS, max ~ 15fps (Used Talon Speed controllers this year, best controllers we have used by far)
  • 8 inch pneumatic wheel shooter powered by 1 CIM, can shoot from various distances depending on speed of wheel and robot position
  • Drop down intake mechanism powered by two 12 inch pneumatic actuators to drop it down (not displayed Bimba was slow this year)
  • Conveyor system and gatherer using 1/4 inch urethane belting, all rollers and belting are powered by 1 CIM w/ 27:1 reduction
  • Rollers are made from 1.5 inch black ABS piping
  • Hanging mechanism will be part of out 30 lb allowance, simple 10 point hanger
  • Custom Red and Black Paint job
  • Total of 6 CIMS, 2 pneumatic actuators and a lot of hard work

There are still lots of little things we will be adding, but that’s most of it!

The Devil Duckies would like to give a big THANK YOU to our sponsors Motorola and Qualcomm! We wouldn’t be around without you! And also thank you to our dedicated mentors who donate their time and lives to help the team!

Finally, here’s a little bit of video of our robot in action

Also, take this opportunity to check out our youtube page MyBestFriendsaRobot videos documenting what our teams has been up to for the last 6 weeks!

Awesome bot Duckies! Can’t wait to see this beast in action.

Just curious - why the mix of performance wheels and VersaWheels?

The AM performance wheels we had didn’t easily accept 2 sprockets, and with the amount of wear the center wheels usually endure when directly driven, we wanted a wheel that wouldn’t have to be re-tread at every event. Plus, the versa wheels were 5 dollars each. What a bargain.

Yeah, we love the VersaWheels. My main question was why you didn’t go all VersaWheel? We did that and it’s amazing. Do you find the performance wheels have an advantage over the Versas?

We just happened to have the performance wheels lying around. We tried it with the combo and just liked it better in the end. Saved us $20 i guess too.

Great job guys.

PS you need to find a new image server, there are very questionable images displayed at the bottom of the page.

Whoa. Thanks for that. Fixed it.