Team 1280 and SVR in the news

Congrats, good to see some coverage. Excellent job by Shareef, hope to see you guys in Atlanta!

Wow! Nice job! Congrats on winning SVR by the way:D

Channel 11 really needs more clips. They basically used the same footage from the week before and replayed it… three times…

I don’t like watching our robot drop that deflated tube over and over again! :frowning:

All the same it was a pretty good interview.

Good job with the interview, you guys have an awesome robot… Its gonna be fun having 2 schools representing our district in Atlanta. Also, does anybody have any footage from ? Some of our guys couldnt make it and were dyin to watch.

We’ve got video, send me a PM and I’ll figure out a way to send it to you. It focuses mostly on 190 (naturally), but it’s video nonetheless

There are archives of matches being posted at,
but SVR is not there yet and it is not known if it will be posted.