Team 1280 Prototype Ball Shooter

Here is a shooter we are thinking about using on our robot. The first few balls we shot were actually shaved into dust…LOL oops :ahh: . But here is the shooter at near perfection in …wood form…we are in the process of making the version for the robot now. Team 1280 shooter

whats the velocity. that looks really fast… too fast even. nice shot though. That looks cool.

Yea no kiddin! … thats sweet. how much is the pinch on that… we set our lathe up to a set of 6inch wheels and ran it at about 4000rpms and it ripped up the ball with about a 1/2 inch pinch…

  • JERY!!!

yea thats pretty nice…good job :slight_smile:

I noticed that you made the angle firing adjustable. Do you have any plans on how you will feed balls into the shooter?
That seems to be the biggest challenge this year, feeding balls into a gun that can aim.

Well first of all we are having a cop come and test our speed but it is close, we know, to the 12m/sec. The angle is adjustable and so is the pinch…but what we made our final shooter out to be is a bit different then this shooter. We have the angle set and the pinch set at a certain point but the shooter is fully functional from the robot by being able to pan about 270 degrees and tilt up and down to get the desired distance on the ball. This right now has caused some feeding problems but we are making a mechanism that holds the balls in a hopper and gravity feeds it from the top into a tube that can rotate and tilt with the shooter. I have a new video of our shooter getting 3 out of 4 rapid fire balls in the goal but thats cause the ball was fed wrong…lol! I just have to say the loader for loading the balls for this years robot has been a real pain!!! small areas and reinforcing the frame has cause for a weird yet cool frame design

Does anyone have ideas for the hopper device or holding balls in the robot??

Our team is messing around with some hopper ideas like yours. We plan to use a paintbal gun design. The ball falls from a hopper into a chamber and is fired by some firering mechinism that we have not desided on. I hope this can help you.

I liked your video

that is cool