Team 1285 The Big Bang: 2015 Copy & Paste

Introducing Team 1285’s 2015 robot Copy & Paste

-1:1 Mechanical replicas
-2x more googly eye

We will be competing this week at Greater Toronto Central, as well as, the Waterloo, and Winsor-Essex Great Lakes regionals

Trying to defeat size with quantity, I see.

Let the googly eyes arms race begin. :rolleyes:

Instead of twinning with 1241…they twinned with themselves. Next level strategy.

Cell division. 1 > 2 > 4

Now that is some HUGE Tether! That should be some fun to watch, and watch your alliance partners try to dance gingerly around.

i really want to see a video of it…

…I just now realized thats what that is. I thought one was comp and one was practice…

I would like to see the transport configuration on those two.

1241 and 1285 really went on a limb with two very unique designs.

Greater Toronto Central will be very interesting this week.

and we haven’t even seen what 188,610 and 2056 have come up with yet…


2056 isn’t going to be at GTR central this year unfortunately.

I have a feeling this set of robots is going to be a demon at the feeder station, and 1241’s machine is going to be awesome at the landfill.
Good luck at GTR Central this weekend!

How are you handling processing with the robots? Do each have their own power distribution board, battery, and roboRIO? How are you making sure your alliance partners don’t get caught up in you? Neat idea!

Think that would be illegal per R45 in the rulebook. The tether probably isn’t just to make it “1” robot, but to link communications and power distro to each other.

I am curious with the size of the tether though, seems like WWE tag team clotheslining is going to happen to stacks.

Interesting. Thanks for that explanation.