Team 1288's Website

We would like some reviews of our website

Last year we won the regional award, but this year we have 2 new teams against us that also won their regional last year and one of those one the championship website award. Please check it out and give us feedback, remember we want to have a top site.

Any comments would be appreciated.

I like your website. It is very easy to get around and things are easy to find. It also looks pretty good at the same time. Good Job!

I like it. It’s very well organized and I really like the random picture on the main page, but if you want to make it better, maybe add a documents section with previous years’ Chairman’s submissions and the like. You could add a team picture on the main page too, but overall, it’s a great site!

Hope you win the award!

Thanks for the compliments, I will talk to the team about adding some Chairman Award content.

Does anyone else have a chance to take a look at the website and give feedback (