Team 1290 has finished their robot! (Joke.)

So, general strategy:

We’re driving up to the feeder slot backwards, and we’ll have the frisbees sit on the back. Then, we can drive up backwards to the 1 point slot and ram it, knocking in the frisbees. For climbing, we’ll be using the large hook on the front. We just drive into the bar at top speed, and our momentum carries us upwards around the bar. It’s not the safest for our robot, since it’s not very stable during the swing, but we’re fairly confident that it will, barring outside action, work reliably.

I think we’ll be pretty formidable.

Here are some shots of the robot (direct links, since the pictures are kind of massive):

Picture 1
Picture 2

You had me convinced until the last sentence of the first paragraph. :smiley:

Yeah, that was a bit much. I think it’s better now.


Oh my lordy, those wires!

What about the bumpers?

Man… I love your robot.

“Hope is not an engineering strategy”

On the other hand, you have time to tweak it. Congrats on the early “finish”

Should have bumpers done this week.

Meh. Corrugated is overkill from a design perspective - way too heavy. Try standard 8.5"x11" three-hole.

Good one :slight_smile: