Team 1294 Teaser

Team 1294 has a driving chassis. Watch

I would recommend practicing on carpet, as a drive train can react extremely different once it is introduced to carpet. Other than that, great job and good luck!

We were just testing our pneumatic shifters so we just went in the hall.

The “practice on carpet” thing is a great thing to keep in mind. Our robot last year drove like a dream and had perfect traction in the hallway. Then when we got to the event and drove on the carpet, we could not turn. We had too much traction on the carpet it would not let us. Just keep that in mind.

I love it when people do something with a machine and then say “Dude is this awesome!” :smiley:

Fun stuff.


Carpeting, as well as change in weight will make a big difference. Once you complete the build weight will cause differences as well.

Another video:

looks like you are using the AM Supershifters. correct?
are you guys using a 1:1 ration from your transmissions to your wheels?
just curious we were debating on what we should do.

We have a 24 tooth gear on the transmission and a 28 on the wheels.

Oh man that thing flew! Haha.
I love little bots :stuck_out_tongue:

I love how you guys made it fly in the hallway, thats a classic!