Team 1296 at the Alamo

Here is a video montage of our fun down in San Antonio where we finally recruited a photographer. :stuck_out_tongue:

The last time we were at the Alamo Regional, it was for the inaugural event and we were excited to compete there once again at the 5th year running. So many great and familiar teams were present and it was truly exciting to achieve the #1 seed and take home our second regional win (first as a captain)!

Special thanks to Team 2468 Appreciate and Team 2415 WiredCats for your awesome contributions to our alliance. We couldn’t have done it without either of you!

Shout out to 233, 1817, and 2158 for making us fight to the very end to earn it!

We appreciate everyone who voted us #7 on the week 3 FRCTop25!

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You guys were a joy to watch at Dallas and Alamo. Our team is so excited to be competing with you guys in OKC! Congrats on winning Alamo