Team 1296 Needs a new Teacher Mentor

One of the best places to work in the country, Rockwall, TX is looking for someone to replace me. I teach AP Computer Science, PreAP Computer Science, Digital Forensics, Engineering Design, and Robotics. I am the lead teacher on team 1296 and I also sponsor our USCyberPatriot team. We are moving into a new STEM center next year and will have a full size FIRST practice course. We are sponsored by Team IFI and Rockwall MakerSpace. I am retiring at the end of this month. If you would like to visit with me about this job let me know and I will give you my number. Check out our district at

Replace your job function.
No one can replace Charbonneau.

Congratulations on the retirement!

What a way for you to finish your mentor career with 1296. Congrats on the Einstein berth this season!

I’m surprised you didn’t retire after I schooled you in h.o.r.s.e.

Thanks for the welcome you gave me to 1296 back in 2015, and for the humor and patience you had with all the hooligans on the team (including me). My 2 years with 1296 were full of learning and fun, I wish you the best in your retirement.


(p.s. the pants are still ridiculous)

Bittersweet but time marches on I reckon… Bruce started three FRC teams and shepherded 1296 through 16 great years. Many of the early years were selfless efforts with no reward from the local school district. Both my kids went through his classes and NEVER encountered a software challenge in college (both EEs) that Bruce had not shown them first. Both my kids won junior and senior design contests because of Bruce’s teaching and FRC experience.

Best wishes and congratulations to a great friend and amazing educator! And thanks to his amazing family for sharing Bruce for so long!

Next year our STEM center opens with a dedicated workshop plus a machine shop and full-sized field shared with 3310. Rockwall ISD is a great place to work and Rockwall a great place to live! Come join us!

Can confirm - Woodie Flowers Finalist Award winner bcharbonneau is one of the good ones.

Congrats on retirement, but you can’t be replaced that easily :wink:


Congratulations, Bruce, on a great career, and best wishes for the future! 2723 probably wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for you and your amazing crew!

Thanks for all the kind words everyone. I’ve been involved with FIRST for 21 years and it will seem strange not to be there. I hope to make some of the competitions and hope to see you all there. And since Aren Hill was the only one who could beat me at Horse I’m willing him the original pair of orange camo pants. DM me your address Aren and I’ll get those right out to you.