Team 1305 robot reveal

Team 1305 is proud to unveil our 16th robot, Kepler.

1305 Robot Reveal 2019 - Kepler


With lots of drive practice this is going to be one of the hardest teams to play defense against. Im guessing you put a lot of thought about defense into the design.

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this looks like an amazing robot… cant wait to compete with/against you guys at North Bay!!! looks absolutely phenomenal :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

This robot is so cool, that climb is inspired.

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I love this robot! It’s sooo cooool!

Woah! Arm on an elevator on a turret. Wild…

Good luck! Very cool looking robot.


It’s crazy cool to see turret bots. This robot is dope, I’m excited to see 1305 on the field!

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Just need a swerve and they’d be a 118 2007 clone. It’s actually pretty interesting to watch 118’s 2007 reveal compared to their 2019 to see how much FIRST and 118 has changed.

Cool robot. I really like the climb.


Cannot wait to see this bot in action. Good luck this year!

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