Team 131 "crossing the line"

Posted by Anthony Albert “Biggie” Doucet, Student on team #131, CHAOS, from Central High School, Manchester NH and Osram Sylvania.

Posted on 3/12/99 4:05 PM MST

Hoitt was not Carter, but me. I apologize for anyone taking offense to the posts that were made…it was all in jest…and…I don’t know how it caused harm…but whatever harm it caused I apologize for.

Posted by Joe Johnson, Engineer on team #47, Chief Delphi, from Pontiac Central High School and Delphi Automotive Systems.

Posted on 3/12/99 7:41 PM MST

In Reply to: Team 131 posted by Anthony Albert on 3/12/99 4:05 PM MST:

Thank you Mr. Doucet for you message.

The “crossing the line” reference will not be understood most folks, so I will explain as briefly as I can.

While the contents of the messages posted by “Hoitt…just Hoitt” were not the stuff of great literature, I wasn’t planning on erasing either. But, I suspected that “Hoitt…just Hoitt” was not actually a person on the Derryfield team (#187) as he claimed.

I did a little detective work, trying to track it down. I am afraid that I had better keep my day job because I botched things pretty badly.

Specifically, I wrongly concluded that Dave Carter was my man. I quickly fired off an e-mail to Mr. Carter. But… as I have said, I was wrong. Mr. Carter was the model of gracious professionalism.

Bottom line, I regret the error and I have apologized to Mr. Carter.

I will promise to be less hasty in the future.

I hope that users of this board will use their real team names and numbers in the future.


Joe J.