Team 1332 Photos

I am looking for robot photos of team 1332, specifically their ramp design.

This photo caught my eye:

It looks like their ramps unroll from the robot, which is something new to me. I want to get a closer look but I cannot find any better pictures. Their team website does not have the photos I am looking for, or contact information. The only CD member from their team hasn’t been active lately. If anyone has photos, please post replies on this thread.
Thank you!

I looked at this robot at San Diego. Not too closely. I never saw it lift anything. But, I thought it was an interesting idea. really out of the box. Not sure how it was supposed to work.

They had a terrible time getting through inspection. The old “bolt head” problem. They didn’t leave enough margin to allow for bolt heads sticking out of the frame and other parts.

They had spring loaded rails that tucked up against the side of the robot. After they were released the rolled ramps were unrolled and hung over the side to form a ramp. The unrolling was active, a spindle in the center was turned and forced the deck out like a garage door. It was a really out of the box solution.

I only saw the ramps unrolled twice, once when they were in the pits and were shaving the width down so they could get in the sizing box, and once on the practice field. On the practice field it didn’t look like they deployed as intended, since the rolled material did not bridge the gap between the rails but fell through it. I only saw that from a distance and I was doing something else at the time so I didn’t get a close look.

In one match, I saw the rails deployed early and caused no end of trouble. They might have secured them permanently after that as I never saw them open again.

Ya, the rails dropped in the match in which they were paired with us… I was also anxious to see their design work too. I was pretty impressed by the idea and was equally impressed at the ability to keep such a large ramp so compact during gameplay. Its unfortunate that they never did work.

As far as pictures go, I’m sure my team has some from scouting and/or action shots from our matches with/against them. I’ll try to get those up as soon as possible.

They unrolled them in match 18 at San Diego, and you can see the process on the SOAP video of that match.

hi my name is sergio and i was the team leader for 1332, and if you still want to see some pics let me know.