Team 1334 Belly Pan

This is our new belly pan, hot of the plasma cutter. We just thought you might like to see it.

What is the material? Our shop teacher just got a CNC plasma cutter and we have access to it for next year.


It looks like it was cut slightly too fast. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s what it looks like.

We also have a plasma cutter that we use, the hard thing is that if you cut it too slow, the material will begin to warp and hit the tip of the cutter, so you have to be careful with how slow you go.

1/8 aluminum on a Torchmate CNC plasma cutter. Flooding the surface with water while cutting kept it from warping. While it doesn’t give the best edge finish, it is much faster than a CNC mill and will handle much bigger pieces. We’ve been able to cut a lot of lightening holes in aluminum tube as well.

We have been using ours quite alot this year (we got it in december). The cuts are exact but are just full of burrs (not sure what to call it) and are very rough! We could never do something like that. Whats your trick. We have been playing with speed and air preasure