Team 1345's ramp deploy and robot on top.

Here is the video of the ramp deploying and 2 robots (one after one) climbing up on top of it. There will be two of those ramps on the side of our robot.

Thanks to Tim Arnold from MARS from hosting this video. Since there were complains about not being able to access youtube videos from schools, Tim was gracious enough to let me upload it on their site.

haha nice driving fin!

looks sweet and simple release. nice job, can’t wait to watch the regional on tv?

Looks good 1345.

Are you guys going to swamp scrimage next saturday?

Is it really ok to hit the ground so hard?

It’s not THAT fast and as long as you got something on those legs that keeps the ramp from damaging the carpet… it shouldn’t be a problem.

David, we don’t know if we are making to the scrimmage yet. We got lot of work to finish.

Just wondering, do you think that’d be considred safe? I’ve never had anything drop down like that.

do you think that’d be considred safe?

we thought about useing a pnenumatic system like yours and letting gravity do the rest but decided it might not be safe acording to F.I.R.S.T. plus we were worried the drop might cause the ramp to tear itself apart

even so, that looks like a really simple and strong design