Team 135 Autonomous

Team 135 has been working for the past 4 weeks on our autonomous. It has come a long way to where it is now. It is using cutting edge technology to find the ball and to tell our bot where to get it. We are not sure whether we will need to even need a robo-coach. You should check it out for your self, you will be amazed, lol :wink:

We are going to
St. Louis
National :smiley:

wowwwwā€¦that is sooooooooo fascinatingā€¦can u guys upload some videos or something so that we can have a look at itā€¦m dying to see that amezing machineā€¦and the technology

I agree I think a lot of team would love to see how you are doing this. At least tell everyone what sensors you are using to do this. This sounds like you have put a lot of work in to it and I hope it is very successful during the game.

We are using a Logitec USB webcam, interfaced into a gumstix computer. The gumstix computer is interfaced with all of our encoders and IR sensors via eithernet. The webcam is able to move vertically to see where the ball is. So as we are driving up to the rack it will move up to see the ball. The gumstix computer is running Python linux, with C++ and spin programing running on it. The bot is able to distiguish between red and blue as pre programmed before the match. We are also able to tell it where the starting position is. All of this is done with an onboard screen. The other great thing is we can see the output of the camera directly on a screen on the bot. The on board computer records video of the match so we can replay the entire match when it is over.

how are you powering the gumstix computer??? and are you allowed onboard screens??? sounds really cool though would love to see video!

Innovation in Control, anyone?

That sounds awesome! I wish I could see it in person.

I am sorry to say that I will not be able to post video now because we did not take any. We will try to take some at St. Louis. The gunstix is powered from the main robot battery. It is also tied into the backup battery to allow it to continue running during minor power fluxuations from the main battery. We also built in a charging circuit for the back up battery.

As I posted before if you would like to see itā€¦see it at one of the competitions that we will be at below

St. Louis

The main way that we are finding the balls are through blob tracking, color filters, circle recognition, and line recognition.

thats REALLY cool!
is it 100% accurate?

How fast is it? Do you hit the home ball and come around and hit the other side ball?

Testing has been fairly limited due to the fact that we do not have a full field. We hope to test it fully at St. Louis and get it fully perfected. It should be able to get both balls. Is anyone planning to be at St. Louis?

we found that the CMU cam worked better at tracking the balls than it did the green light.:cool:

We did some research on cameras and found that the CMU cam was not configurable enough. We found that using a standard Logitec web cam, we could configure it to work very well. We did not try to use the CMU cam this year so I am not sure how well it might have worked.

This sounds really cool and I look forward to seeing it in action.

(emphasis added)

A direct connection of your custom circuit to the RC backup battery would violate . This was clarified by an official Q&A response by the GDC here.

Per <R55> your custom circuit must be powered either via a 20A circuit from your breaker panel, or by one (or more) of the +5V pin(s) on the Robot Controller. I assume that you meant to say that the Robot Controllerā€™s backup battery will allow your custom circuit to continue running during minor power fluctuations.

That sounds fantastic. Please post when you have video of it all runningā€¦ or, at any rate, Iā€™ll see you guys at purdue (as usual, you all were great in '06!)

How long does the cycle take?

How many points can you make in 15sec? (i.e. do you also drive over lines or anything)

Ditto on CMU cam working great for finding trackballs. We didnā€™t try it, but 1501ā€™s ability to find our teams shirtsā€¦ ehā€¦ I mean a blue ballā€¦ sure convinced me!

Sounds like a great project, please post a video.


The cmucam3 isā€¦ ive made some pretty fancy image recognition algorithms on it

Let me correct what I wrote beforeā€¦The back up battery is tied into the custom board in order to charge it.

The main part of our autonomous is finding the balls but we did put major thought into how to knock off the ball without having to stop. We have figured it out with minor modification to our end effector. (Since I am not at school today, I do not have any videosā€¦but will upload some soon).

Glad to hear that we will see 1024 at Purdue :cool:


Team 358 posted a clarification to their question, and the GDC allowed teams to use the +7.2V ā€œPWM pinsā€ for power.

Thanks, Manoel.

This is a picture of the screen and on the left a little bit of the webcam.