Team 135's 2008 Robot

Don’t act like your not impressed, but seriously tell us what you think

2 wheel drive… a bold move, but not a bad idea in this game.

Care to show more of your manipulator, or even better, a video?

And it’s directly on the wheels that thing can probably fly. No hurdling capabilities right?

Well, We know two wheel drive trains very well since we used it in 05 and 06 I think, but the pneumatics and the fork is our manipulator. the arm is just a pulley system lift that telescopes up about 9ft (if needed). Yes we can hurdle we raise the manipulator to about 6 ft and the pneumatics push out the kicker in the center of the forks throwing the ball well over the overpass, without stoping.

It looks fast. If you can hurdle without stopping, I think it will be a very effective bot.

Do the forks in the front stay out the entire match or do they fold in at the start?

Yes, there are made to fold up to fit in the box and there have been some changes such as PVC instead of aluminum for the forks and things and only two storage tanks for the air. We also have a brake set up and presets for the lift so that we hit one button it goes to that height and the brake is activated to hold the arm up and steady instead of stalling the motors as we have done in years past.

Well guys, you have a pretty fast looking robot
2 cims to 1 wheel (whew!!!)

Good Luck at the regionals

Thanks for the support everyone. Were leaving for the St. Louis Regional and we will also be at Purdue and nationals. Good luck everyone