Team 1388: New Video Teaser

Though there has already been one video posted of our robot, here’s another short clip demonstrating the power of our drivetrain. “Ratchet” can take off in a wheelie, stop on a dime, and it handles like nobody’s business. Watch for team 1388, Eagle Robotics, in Sacramento and Atlanta.

cant load video :confused: its ok though, im sure ill see it in action at sacramento :slight_smile:

The video worked fine for me…awesome wheelie also! I wonder how many FIRST teams can do wheelies also?

A lot of robots this year I bet will be able to do a wheelie. The twin CIM’s are more than powerful enough at the low end to produce enough torque to lift a robot up like that. Also many teams have a lot of weight at the back of their robot to counter high lifting arms that will reach far out. So when those arms are retracted and in they’re actually unbalanced.

Our 2003 robot could do wheelies. See , Our Robots, 2003.

1549’s does wheelies

Wheelies? We have been doing those for years…

Nice drive train though!